CUSO Summer School in Recursion theory and Philosophy - Geneva, August 5-7 2019

Room: Uni Bastions, B109 (First floor)

Start: Monday, the 5th of August, at 9h00

*Three travel bursaries of 300 CHF each (~270 EUR) available!*


The summer school aims at broadening the logical arsenal of formal philosophers and PhD students in philosophy. The courses will present some serious post-WWII logic for non-specialists. The event is inspired W. Hart's book "The evolution of Logic" and his presentation of what he called the four pillars of mathematical logic to a broad philosophical audience: constructibility, forcing, the priority method and Morley's theorem.

The first course will present one of these pillars: the priority method for constructing recursively enumerable sets and the necessary background on computing machines, gödel numbers etc. that is necessary to formulate it. The second course will give a closer look to the study of definable sets and their classification in a ramified hierarchy: a theme that has its roots in Principia Mathematica but which has stimulated developments in set theory, in the theory of Gödel's constructible universe, in proof theory and in recursive function theory, mainly in the theory of hyperarithmetic sets.